Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Farmer's Daughters (1975)

The Farmer’s Daughters from 1975 was directed by and stars porn madman Zebedy Colt.  Zebedy Colt made some very odd films, but they were also very good.  He even sings the theme song to this movie.  This film stars him as a farmer, and he’s married to Gloria Leonard.  He has three daughters played by Susan McBain, Marlene Willoughby, and Nancy Dare.  The three daughters like to spy on their parents having sex.  One day the three daughters after spying on their parents take a young man and pee on him and humiliate him.  Now the farmer and his family don’t really seem to do any farming, mainly they spend all their time having sex.  Along come these three escaped convicts.  You can probably guess what happens next.  That’s right the whole family gets raped by the convicts.  This film is pretty much rape for the rest of the runtime.  After this goes on for some time, the young man the three daughters peed on at the beginning comes along with a gun and at first it looks like he will save the girls, but instead he engages in some rape too.  I won’t spoil everything about this film, but you get the idea what kind of film this is.  Zebedy Colt knew how to make an interesting film, even if it was pretty low budget.  The problem many people have with a film like this is that virtually none of the sex is consensual, but it’s only a movie, and it’s interesting to see someone make a film like this, because in today’s porn environment a film like this would almost certainly never be made.  I should note though that the film isn’t as disturbing as it may sound.  Overall this film is not bad, and I must say all the women look nice, and Gloria Leonard was looking quite sexy in this movie.

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