Saturday, November 6, 2010

Transsexual Dog Walker (2007)

My most recent porn film viewing is the movie Transsexual Dog Walker.  This movie has three sex scenes, all sort of with the theme of transsexuals who walk dogs for a job.  There is a funny part where this guy tells his son that his dog told him she wants a transsexual to walk her, so he hires one.  There isn’t much story, there is a bit of interviewing with the guys and the girls though, which gives you a bit of insight into their lives.  The first scene has a very attractive transsexual  named Brenda, who is from Mexico.  She and the man she’s with both have an orgasm.  This scene was well done.  The second scene stars Jesse, who is nice looking and has very large breasts.  She and the man paired up with her have a nice time it appears before both have an orgasm.  Jesse has gone on to become one of the more popular transsexual actresses in the last couple years.  The third scene stars Kylie Love, who is in my opinion the most attractive of the three women in this film.  Her penis doesn’t function though, but she still delivers a nice scene, and she does appear to have a small orgasm at the end of the scene, but she never got an erection.  She is really cute though, definitely my kind of woman.  Overall this movie was pretty fun, the only annoying part was the guy in the scene with Jesse, you will wish he would just shut his mouth, he just makes annoying noises and makes up words that aren’t even real.  Overall this is a nicely done transsexual film.  Oh and keep an eye out for Geri The Springer, the dog that the girls are supposed to be walking, but yet for some reason they never do.  I guess once the opportunity for sex came about they lost interest in dog walking, not that that’s a bad thing!