Friday, November 26, 2010

Love & Marriage (2010)

Love & Marriage stars Kayden Kross as a woman who has it all, she’s beautiful, she has a great husband who is perfect in every way, or so she thinks.  So why is she seeing a psychologist?  Well even though she seems to have the perfect life she finds herself very unhappy.  She tells her psychologist about how she just feels that her husband just doesn’t understand her.  Kayden wishes she and her husband had a relationship like her friend Lisa Ann and her husband.  Lisa Ann and her husband have Kayden and her husband over for dinner, and Lisa Ann and her beau go to the kitchen and end up having a spontaneous sex session.  This is the kind of thing you sense that Kayden wishes she had with her husband.  One day while seeing her psychologist Kayden kisses him out of the blue, this surprises him, and thing go no further.  Kayden decides to stop by her husbands work one day, only to secretly see him in a threesome with two women.  It seems he can’t help but cheat on her for some reason.  She informs him later that night that she wants a divorce, he is shocked, but then she tells him she knows what he’s doing with other women.  Kayden goes to her psychologist and confesses her love for him, at first he tries to gently reject her, but they both want each other and the movie ends with the two of them having a very nice sex scene.
This movie is in many ways a throwback to the films of the past, it has a honest to god story with acting!  The acting by the way is excellent all around.   The story is really well done as well.  The sex is much to my liking, it wasn’t too extreme, nothing gross in this movie, and everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  I also was pleased that the women and men didn’t go overboard with their moaning and screaming.  Everyone remained very natural in their sexual scenes, and it didn’t come across as fake or playing it up for the camera.  Overall I highly recommend this movie for fans of features.  I picked this up on Blu Ray from Digital Playground, and the quality of the disc is excellent, another winner from Digital Playground.