Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Yes (1977)

I was watching this movie called Dr. Yes. I was for some reason expecting this to be a James Bond rip off, because of the title, but it wasn’t. Instead this movie is about a guy who has a blocked vein in his penis. He wants to please his wife, but he can’t, so he goes out to find a guy who can please her for him. He ends up where else, but the sperm bank! He hires this guy to come have sex with his wife the next day. The guy shows up and a pretty hot sex scene ensues. During their sexual escapades, the husband gets a phone call from the doctor saying the vein transplant is ready, and he must get there immediately. He leaves his wife a note, and takes off for the hospital. The surgery is precarious, but he pulls through, and only time will tell if the operation has been a success. His wife shows up, but the doctor sends her home. She has a threesome with two other women during this time period. The doctor takes the bandages off the husband’s penis, and everything seems normal, but she must test it to make sure it “functions” correctly. Well guess what it does! He then heads home to his wife, to finally pleasure her. When he opens the door there are four women with their butts up in the air and a candle in their behind, and they sing him a song! And everything ends happily ever after. Don’t you wish your wife and her friends were this nice?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roomates (1980)

This gay porn starring Kip Noll is a bit creepy. The premise is that this guy is looking at his high school senior year book and remembering back on the guy he had a crush on (Kip Noll). He imagines what Kip Noll is doing with his new roommate. Of course we get to see what Kip is up to with his new roommate. This being a gay porn there is much oral and anal sex going on. The movie ends with the guy looking as his year book masturbating on Kip Noll's photograph and saying “you'll never know how much I love you” or something similar to that. Kind of odd. This definitely wasn't the best gay porn I have seen, but it wasn't terrible either. The main problem is that it was shot silent. In fact I think this is a loop carrier film, and that the scenes were shot and then assembled into a feature. The dialog is all dubbed over the action and none of it was recorded live. The guys were okay looking, but overall this one is safe to skip, unless you are a fan of all things from the classic era. I will say that VCA did a good job on the DVD quality, but sadly that can't make a not so great movie into a great one. Anyone have any information on any of the actors in this film, or any knowledge of the production? I must say my knowledge of gay porn is not what it should be, I have tried to see the most acclaimed gay porn films, but this one is one that caught my attention and I decided to give it a viewing.