Sunday, October 31, 2010

Electric Blue 006 (1981?)

Electric Blue 006 is an odd film.  It runs under one hour in length and isn’t really a movie, but rather a collection of odd clips that are mostly, though not all, sexual in nature.  There are clips from the Miss Nude World pageant, there are clips of lesbians playing games, there are clips of Vanessa Del Rio introducing the film.  They spliced in clips from the porn movie Alice In Wonderland.  The movie is strictly softcore, but it’s still interesting.  I believe this film was made for the British market, and that could be why there is no hardcore.  This looks to have been released sometime during the very early 1980’s, but it is somewhat charming, and the fact that it is softcore gives it the feel of something you might see on cable movie channels late at night back in the 80’s, although this film is a bit more graphic than those films, but it has that kind of charm to it.  Overall an interesting movie, but not really anything amazing.  But still if you come across it, it’s worth seeing once.

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