Friday, November 12, 2010

Power (2008)

Power stars Savanna Samson as a powerful businesswoman.  She tells how she got to her position of power and some of the ways she’s abused her power.  She tells of a time when she was a drama teacher, and had two of her male students stay after class for some extra work.  For some reason she has a stripper pole in her classroom, but hey I’m not complaining.  The two men and Savanna have a nice threesome.  Next up Savanna introduces a scene with two women who have hired a guy who they themselves used to work for and he treated them like crap, so now the tables are turned and they treat him like crap.  Of course you don’t have to worry about him for too long, because their idea of treating him like crap is letting him have anal sex with them. So his “punishment” is not too severe.  This scene is smoking hot, and at the end of it the guy cums on one of the ladies butt, and the other one slurps all the cum off of her friends butt.  The next scene involves Savanna again and she tells how she got her bosses job, by digging up secrets on him.  She seduces him and finds out he wears women's underwear!  That’s not all though, he likes to tie Savanna to a cross and whip her, and then he puts her in a stockade.  But don’t worry it’s all in fun, and Savanna and the guy seem to really be having a good time.  This scene has Savanna having anal sex, in a smoking hot scene, that was my favorite of this movie.  The final scene involves Savanna going to see her therapist.  She seduces him and they get caught having sex in a  public park.  The policeman takes both Savanna and her therapist home to the therapists wife!  The four of them, including the policeman, end up having group sex.  Overall a very good movie.  Fans of Savanna Samson will consider this a must purchase, but even if you’re not a fan of hers, I highly recommend this movie.  I saw it on blu ray, and it looks beautiful.  Chuck Lords directed this film, but I’ve read that is really just a directing alias for Paul Thomas.  Savanna Samson is probably my favorite actress over the last ten years.