Sunday, October 31, 2010

Electric Blue 006 (1981?)

Electric Blue 006 is an odd film.  It runs under one hour in length and isn’t really a movie, but rather a collection of odd clips that are mostly, though not all, sexual in nature.  There are clips from the Miss Nude World pageant, there are clips of lesbians playing games, there are clips of Vanessa Del Rio introducing the film.  They spliced in clips from the porn movie Alice In Wonderland.  The movie is strictly softcore, but it’s still interesting.  I believe this film was made for the British market, and that could be why there is no hardcore.  This looks to have been released sometime during the very early 1980’s, but it is somewhat charming, and the fact that it is softcore gives it the feel of something you might see on cable movie channels late at night back in the 80’s, although this film is a bit more graphic than those films, but it has that kind of charm to it.  Overall an interesting movie, but not really anything amazing.  But still if you come across it, it’s worth seeing once.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Going Deep (2009)

Going Deep is a Vivid production by director B. Skow and starring Savanna Samson.  The movie consist of five unrelated sex scenes.  The first scene has Savanna, looking stunningly beautiful, with a guy who isn’t that good looking unfortunately.  Surely they could have got a better looking guy to pair up with one of the sexiest women in porn.  But the scene does have Savanna and that’s enough to make it good, and she even has a bit of anal sex.  This scene ends with Savanna taking a facial, which really gave this scene some extra heat.  The next scene has Tanya and Voodoo and it starts out with her teasing us and masturbating before Voodoo appears.  This scene is good, but not as good as the first scene.  The next scene is Gianna Lynn in a solo masturbation scene that is pretty sexy as well.  The fourth scene has a woman named Hilo with a guy.  Hilo is very attractive, and the scene was nicely done.  The final scene brings back Savanna and this time she is paired up with Voodoo.  This scene is well done, but I’m a bit biased as I am a big fan of Savanna Samson’s.  In my opinion the best scene in the film was the first one, it really starts the film out right.  I must also say I was happy they did not engage in much spitting at all, and there was no choking or gagging.  I’m not a fan of those kinds of things.  This film is heavy on female masturbation, which is a good thing, because that can be a very erotic act I think, and it is nice to see that the ladies don’t need a guy to satisfy them all the time. 
Just a word about the quality of the disc.  I bought this movie on blu ray, and the quality is excellent.  The audio is well done too.  I have noticed that the audio is the one area of porn that still suffers sometimes, but not on this movie, all the technical aspects are top notch. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hotel Paradise (1980)

I just recently watched a film called Hotel Paradise, which was filmed in what looks like South America.  It stars Ajita Wilson, who has become something of a cult figure in recent years, due to the mystery that surrounds her.  Most agree she was born a man and had a sex change operation sometime during the 1970’s.  Those who worked with her swear she was a transsexual, so the evidence is pretty conclusive that she was indeed.  In Hotel Paradise she plays a woman who is in a jungle prison and is forced to mine for emeralds by the greedy guards.  This film, although it does have some hardcore scenes, is not really typical of porn films, in fact it is much more a jungle adventure film than a porn film.  It seems that the country is run by greedy corrupt politicians, and that there are revolutionaries who want to change that.  Some new girls are being taken to the prison deep in the jungle and along the way the guards are ambushed and the revolutionaries take their place in order to infiltrate the prison.  The girls finally get to the prison and agree to help the revolutionaries fight back against the guards.  Ajita Wilson is a mystic who can predict the future, and she keeps telling the other women in the prison that the day of freedom is near at hand.  Along the way of course the girls have to take a shower, that’s pretty much standard for a women in prison film.  The movie ends with a  big shoot out, but I won’t spoil everything for you, because this is a pretty decent film that is worth watching, although it will probably not please those seeking strictly a porn film, but if you’re in the mood for a good women in prison film, with some hardcore thrown into the film in a few places you will probably enjoy this one.  This film is similar in many ways to the women in prison films that Jess Franco was making during the same time period of roughly 1980.  The director was given on the credits as Tony Moore, but clearly that’s a pseudonym, the real director according to internet sources is Edoardo Mulargia.  Fans of Ajita Wilson’s will want this film for sure.  Sadly Ajita Wilson died at the young age of either 36 or 37.  What she died of is somewhat debated, some say she died in a car crash, others such as Jess Franco, who directed her in some films, says he heard she really died of AIDS, either way she died way too young, but luckily for her fans she left behind quite a few films, of which most are sadly out of print at the current time, but maybe some enterprising company will try to rectify this and put out her hardcore sex films on DVD in the future.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lulu's Talking Asshole (1985)

I usually don’t use crude language when reviewing a classic porn film, but in the case of the film Lulu’s Talking Asshole, I feel I have no choice. This movie came out in 1985 and stars Lina Romay. She has a peculiar problem, it seems her asshole talks with the voice of a little girls, and whenever it’s licked or fingered it giggles. In addition to that bit of strangeness her asshole can do other funny things such as smoke cigarettes. Sadly the film has only been released on DVD in Spain, and that’s the version I saw, which isn’t subtitled, so I can’t tell you exactly what her asshole was saying, but no doubt something very amusing. The film isn’t hard to follow at all, in fact it’s pretty much a wall to wall sex film. Fans of Lina Romay’s will find this film a must see. She is a little plumper than she was in her early films of the early 1970’s, but she is still very attractive. At one point in the film she sticks an academy awards Oscar up her asshole. Clearly Lina Romay and Jess Franco weren‘t trying to endear themselves to the Academy. Lina Romay I must say when giving oral sex to her male costars is very into it, she isn’t just giving oral sex, she is sucking really really hard, in a way I hadn’t really seen from another female performer. Lina Romay seemed to be very good at giving oral sex in her films. The other thing she was good at was getting naked and flopping around on a bed and masturbating, of which she does that in this film too. Jess Franco directed this film, and he and Lina Romay have become one of the most enduring movie actress/director teams of all time, working together for nearly 40 years up to the present day. This movie begs to be subtitled, but even without understanding the language I was in disbelief at some of the things going on, and found the film very funny, and it’s probably much funnier if you can understand what Lulu’s Talking Asshole is saying. A very good film, that fans of classic porn will find enjoyable.
Just a little about Jess Franco. I think he’s one of the most unique and talented directors in movie history. He started out working as an assistant with Orson Welles in the 1950’s, before becoming a director on his own in the early 1960’s. He was at one time in the 1960’s considered one of the most promising upcoming young directors in European cinema. All that changed though in the 1970’s with the legalization of porn in France where he was working and he dove straight into hardcore. Unfortunately this hurt his career for many years and he was forced to deal with lower budgets. It was not until 1988 that he was again given a big budget to make a non porn film. I think what Jess Franco did took real courage, to abandon a very promising mainstream career and go and do the kinds of film he really liked and believed in. Most directors would have sold out and took the big paycheck and not stuck by their artistic vision. Jess Franco would go on to make the first legal porn film in Spain after it was legalized in Spain, his homeland, in the 1980’s.