Monday, November 22, 2010

Shiela's Payoff (1977)

Shiela’s Payoff is a film from 1977 starring Mimi Morgan as the main character.  The movie begins with her having sex with a guy.  After they are finished with sex, she tells him about her life and how she ended up here with him in bed.  It seems her first boyfriend, played by Paul Thomas, got into debt with loan sharks.  He owed them $52,000 and they decide to kill him, right in front of Mimi!  Mimi though they decide to fuck, rather than kill, and they make her work off the $52,000 debt by being a prostitute.  So far the movie is pretty good, even if it is very low budget.  Then we get to see her and the other prostitutes servicing their clients.  There is a very attractive black woman in one of these scenes.  The movie then goes back to Mimi in bed with the man she has been telling her story to.  I won’t spoil all the surprises for you, but you’ll probably be surprised by the outcome.  This movie had two anal sex scenes, one of which was with the beautiful star Mimi Morgan.  The people all seemed to be enjoying themselves, the only problem was with the camerawork.  They had too many close ups of genitals, which kind of became repetitious.  Overall though, I enjoyed this movie, and I think most fans of 70’s low budget porn will like it too.  Just don’t go into it expecting something of the quality of The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  But given the budget of Shiela’s Payoff they did a good job.  Mimi Morgan isn’t one of the most remembered actresses from the 70’s and 80’s, but she did deliver the good whenever she appeared onscreen, whether it be in this film, or her best film The Resurrection of Eve.