Friday, November 26, 2010

Love & Marriage (2010)

Love & Marriage stars Kayden Kross as a woman who has it all, she’s beautiful, she has a great husband who is perfect in every way, or so she thinks.  So why is she seeing a psychologist?  Well even though she seems to have the perfect life she finds herself very unhappy.  She tells her psychologist about how she just feels that her husband just doesn’t understand her.  Kayden wishes she and her husband had a relationship like her friend Lisa Ann and her husband.  Lisa Ann and her husband have Kayden and her husband over for dinner, and Lisa Ann and her beau go to the kitchen and end up having a spontaneous sex session.  This is the kind of thing you sense that Kayden wishes she had with her husband.  One day while seeing her psychologist Kayden kisses him out of the blue, this surprises him, and thing go no further.  Kayden decides to stop by her husbands work one day, only to secretly see him in a threesome with two women.  It seems he can’t help but cheat on her for some reason.  She informs him later that night that she wants a divorce, he is shocked, but then she tells him she knows what he’s doing with other women.  Kayden goes to her psychologist and confesses her love for him, at first he tries to gently reject her, but they both want each other and the movie ends with the two of them having a very nice sex scene.
This movie is in many ways a throwback to the films of the past, it has a honest to god story with acting!  The acting by the way is excellent all around.   The story is really well done as well.  The sex is much to my liking, it wasn’t too extreme, nothing gross in this movie, and everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  I also was pleased that the women and men didn’t go overboard with their moaning and screaming.  Everyone remained very natural in their sexual scenes, and it didn’t come across as fake or playing it up for the camera.  Overall I highly recommend this movie for fans of features.  I picked this up on Blu Ray from Digital Playground, and the quality of the disc is excellent, another winner from Digital Playground.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shiela's Payoff (1977)

Shiela’s Payoff is a film from 1977 starring Mimi Morgan as the main character.  The movie begins with her having sex with a guy.  After they are finished with sex, she tells him about her life and how she ended up here with him in bed.  It seems her first boyfriend, played by Paul Thomas, got into debt with loan sharks.  He owed them $52,000 and they decide to kill him, right in front of Mimi!  Mimi though they decide to fuck, rather than kill, and they make her work off the $52,000 debt by being a prostitute.  So far the movie is pretty good, even if it is very low budget.  Then we get to see her and the other prostitutes servicing their clients.  There is a very attractive black woman in one of these scenes.  The movie then goes back to Mimi in bed with the man she has been telling her story to.  I won’t spoil all the surprises for you, but you’ll probably be surprised by the outcome.  This movie had two anal sex scenes, one of which was with the beautiful star Mimi Morgan.  The people all seemed to be enjoying themselves, the only problem was with the camerawork.  They had too many close ups of genitals, which kind of became repetitious.  Overall though, I enjoyed this movie, and I think most fans of 70’s low budget porn will like it too.  Just don’t go into it expecting something of the quality of The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  But given the budget of Shiela’s Payoff they did a good job.  Mimi Morgan isn’t one of the most remembered actresses from the 70’s and 80’s, but she did deliver the good whenever she appeared onscreen, whether it be in this film, or her best film The Resurrection of Eve. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pussy Talk 2 (Le Sexe Qui Parle 2) (1977)

Pussy Talk 2 is the follow up to the very successful French porn Pussy Talk.  Apparently in France when a woman becomes a woman (aka. not a virgin) her pussy starts talking.  At first this is cause for concern and the govt. and scientist try and devise a solution, but pretty soon all the women in France want their pussy to talk too, and so it’s a losing battle and eventually everyone’s genitals in the country can talk, both men’s and women’s.  Things get to the point that no one speaks with their mouth anymore, in fact it’s been months since anyone has, but out of the blue a woman says something with her mouth, and this throws all the talking genitals into an uproar.
This movie has typically hot sex, as is the usual in French porn films from the 70’s.  The women are all very attractive, the guys too are nice looking.  This film is pretty silly, obviously, but it’s also a pretty fun film.  Fans of classic porn will find this film enjoyable.  It’s not the best French porn film ever made, but it’s still far from being a bad film.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Power (2008)

Power stars Savanna Samson as a powerful businesswoman.  She tells how she got to her position of power and some of the ways she’s abused her power.  She tells of a time when she was a drama teacher, and had two of her male students stay after class for some extra work.  For some reason she has a stripper pole in her classroom, but hey I’m not complaining.  The two men and Savanna have a nice threesome.  Next up Savanna introduces a scene with two women who have hired a guy who they themselves used to work for and he treated them like crap, so now the tables are turned and they treat him like crap.  Of course you don’t have to worry about him for too long, because their idea of treating him like crap is letting him have anal sex with them. So his “punishment” is not too severe.  This scene is smoking hot, and at the end of it the guy cums on one of the ladies butt, and the other one slurps all the cum off of her friends butt.  The next scene involves Savanna again and she tells how she got her bosses job, by digging up secrets on him.  She seduces him and finds out he wears women's underwear!  That’s not all though, he likes to tie Savanna to a cross and whip her, and then he puts her in a stockade.  But don’t worry it’s all in fun, and Savanna and the guy seem to really be having a good time.  This scene has Savanna having anal sex, in a smoking hot scene, that was my favorite of this movie.  The final scene involves Savanna going to see her therapist.  She seduces him and they get caught having sex in a  public park.  The policeman takes both Savanna and her therapist home to the therapists wife!  The four of them, including the policeman, end up having group sex.  Overall a very good movie.  Fans of Savanna Samson will consider this a must purchase, but even if you’re not a fan of hers, I highly recommend this movie.  I saw it on blu ray, and it looks beautiful.  Chuck Lords directed this film, but I’ve read that is really just a directing alias for Paul Thomas.  Savanna Samson is probably my favorite actress over the last ten years.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Victoria's Secret Desires (1983)

Victoria’s Secret Desires is a very average film, in fact it might be below average.  The film basically begins with Victoria Slick masturbating and she tells us about her fantasies, which we then see acted out on screen.  First up she has sex with a guy who appears in a detectives coat and nothing else.  Then she has a threesome with two other women, then she tells us about her friend Lili Marlene and how she likes anal sex, and we see Lili act this out with Jon Martin.  Then finally we have a threesome with Victoria, Mike Horner, and another woman.  This scene was decent, but nothing outstanding.  The films best scene was with Lili Marlene and Jon Martin.  In fact the reason I wanted to see this movie was because it had Lili Marlene and she is a personal favorite of mine.  Part of the problem with this movie was that the star of the movie, Victoria Slick, was by far the least attractive woman in the film, but the most serious problem is the low production values and lack of any real story.  You can safely skips this one, unless, like me, you are a sucker for Lili Marlene. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Lovens Tegn (In The Sign of the Lion) (1976)

I Lovens Tegn is, I believe, a Danish made film.  It begins with two old women writing a novel called I Lovens Tegn.  We see glimpses of what they are writing and it appears these dirty old women are writing a porn novel!  They concoct some bizarre sexual situations, and finally they complete their book.  The book appears to be a big success.  The version of this film I saw was in Danish with no subtitles, so I’m kind of hazy on the exacts of the story.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this film has the most attractive female cast I have ever seen in a film with hardcore sex.  The women are all amazing looking and are basically perfect physically.  This film is somewhat unique for a porn film because there are no cumshots.  But don’t let that make you think the sex isn’t hot, because it is, the sex is also very classy, in fact the whole film has an air of classiness to it you won’t often find.  This film is on par with the best films you’d see coming out of mainstream studios such as MGM or Warner Brothers, the technical aspects are top notch, the acting is wonderful, the story appears to be very interesting, although like I say I couldn’t understand the dialog.  This movie was set in 1934 and the historical reproduction is perfect, you would swear this movie was shot in 1934 and not the 1970’s.  I’m not sure what the budget for this film was, but it appears to have been very generous as it appears they had plenty of time and money to make this film the right way.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Transsexual Dog Walker (2007)

My most recent porn film viewing is the movie Transsexual Dog Walker.  This movie has three sex scenes, all sort of with the theme of transsexuals who walk dogs for a job.  There is a funny part where this guy tells his son that his dog told him she wants a transsexual to walk her, so he hires one.  There isn’t much story, there is a bit of interviewing with the guys and the girls though, which gives you a bit of insight into their lives.  The first scene has a very attractive transsexual  named Brenda, who is from Mexico.  She and the man she’s with both have an orgasm.  This scene was well done.  The second scene stars Jesse, who is nice looking and has very large breasts.  She and the man paired up with her have a nice time it appears before both have an orgasm.  Jesse has gone on to become one of the more popular transsexual actresses in the last couple years.  The third scene stars Kylie Love, who is in my opinion the most attractive of the three women in this film.  Her penis doesn’t function though, but she still delivers a nice scene, and she does appear to have a small orgasm at the end of the scene, but she never got an erection.  She is really cute though, definitely my kind of woman.  Overall this movie was pretty fun, the only annoying part was the guy in the scene with Jesse, you will wish he would just shut his mouth, he just makes annoying noises and makes up words that aren’t even real.  Overall this is a nicely done transsexual film.  Oh and keep an eye out for Geri The Springer, the dog that the girls are supposed to be walking, but yet for some reason they never do.  I guess once the opportunity for sex came about they lost interest in dog walking, not that that’s a bad thing!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Farmer's Daughters (1975)

The Farmer’s Daughters from 1975 was directed by and stars porn madman Zebedy Colt.  Zebedy Colt made some very odd films, but they were also very good.  He even sings the theme song to this movie.  This film stars him as a farmer, and he’s married to Gloria Leonard.  He has three daughters played by Susan McBain, Marlene Willoughby, and Nancy Dare.  The three daughters like to spy on their parents having sex.  One day the three daughters after spying on their parents take a young man and pee on him and humiliate him.  Now the farmer and his family don’t really seem to do any farming, mainly they spend all their time having sex.  Along come these three escaped convicts.  You can probably guess what happens next.  That’s right the whole family gets raped by the convicts.  This film is pretty much rape for the rest of the runtime.  After this goes on for some time, the young man the three daughters peed on at the beginning comes along with a gun and at first it looks like he will save the girls, but instead he engages in some rape too.  I won’t spoil everything about this film, but you get the idea what kind of film this is.  Zebedy Colt knew how to make an interesting film, even if it was pretty low budget.  The problem many people have with a film like this is that virtually none of the sex is consensual, but it’s only a movie, and it’s interesting to see someone make a film like this, because in today’s porn environment a film like this would almost certainly never be made.  I should note though that the film isn’t as disturbing as it may sound.  Overall this film is not bad, and I must say all the women look nice, and Gloria Leonard was looking quite sexy in this movie.