Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Lovens Tegn (In The Sign of the Lion) (1976)

I Lovens Tegn is, I believe, a Danish made film.  It begins with two old women writing a novel called I Lovens Tegn.  We see glimpses of what they are writing and it appears these dirty old women are writing a porn novel!  They concoct some bizarre sexual situations, and finally they complete their book.  The book appears to be a big success.  The version of this film I saw was in Danish with no subtitles, so I’m kind of hazy on the exacts of the story.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this film has the most attractive female cast I have ever seen in a film with hardcore sex.  The women are all amazing looking and are basically perfect physically.  This film is somewhat unique for a porn film because there are no cumshots.  But don’t let that make you think the sex isn’t hot, because it is, the sex is also very classy, in fact the whole film has an air of classiness to it you won’t often find.  This film is on par with the best films you’d see coming out of mainstream studios such as MGM or Warner Brothers, the technical aspects are top notch, the acting is wonderful, the story appears to be very interesting, although like I say I couldn’t understand the dialog.  This movie was set in 1934 and the historical reproduction is perfect, you would swear this movie was shot in 1934 and not the 1970’s.  I’m not sure what the budget for this film was, but it appears to have been very generous as it appears they had plenty of time and money to make this film the right way.


  1. Ha - you and your unsubtitled films! It's funny reading reviews of movies where you have no idea what they're saying. :)

    I love the set-up -- I wish there was a version with subtitles.

  2. If a porn film is well made, I find you don't necessarily need to understand the dialog, although it would definitely help lol. I have seen some Greek films, which are very good, but you're right they really need subtitles to be fully appreciated, but I try not to let the fact that they are in a foreign language stop me from enjoying a movie!