Saturday, October 30, 2010

Going Deep (2009)

Going Deep is a Vivid production by director B. Skow and starring Savanna Samson.  The movie consist of five unrelated sex scenes.  The first scene has Savanna, looking stunningly beautiful, with a guy who isn’t that good looking unfortunately.  Surely they could have got a better looking guy to pair up with one of the sexiest women in porn.  But the scene does have Savanna and that’s enough to make it good, and she even has a bit of anal sex.  This scene ends with Savanna taking a facial, which really gave this scene some extra heat.  The next scene has Tanya and Voodoo and it starts out with her teasing us and masturbating before Voodoo appears.  This scene is good, but not as good as the first scene.  The next scene is Gianna Lynn in a solo masturbation scene that is pretty sexy as well.  The fourth scene has a woman named Hilo with a guy.  Hilo is very attractive, and the scene was nicely done.  The final scene brings back Savanna and this time she is paired up with Voodoo.  This scene is well done, but I’m a bit biased as I am a big fan of Savanna Samson’s.  In my opinion the best scene in the film was the first one, it really starts the film out right.  I must also say I was happy they did not engage in much spitting at all, and there was no choking or gagging.  I’m not a fan of those kinds of things.  This film is heavy on female masturbation, which is a good thing, because that can be a very erotic act I think, and it is nice to see that the ladies don’t need a guy to satisfy them all the time. 
Just a word about the quality of the disc.  I bought this movie on blu ray, and the quality is excellent.  The audio is well done too.  I have noticed that the audio is the one area of porn that still suffers sometimes, but not on this movie, all the technical aspects are top notch. 

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