Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hotel Paradise (1980)

I just recently watched a film called Hotel Paradise, which was filmed in what looks like South America.  It stars Ajita Wilson, who has become something of a cult figure in recent years, due to the mystery that surrounds her.  Most agree she was born a man and had a sex change operation sometime during the 1970’s.  Those who worked with her swear she was a transsexual, so the evidence is pretty conclusive that she was indeed.  In Hotel Paradise she plays a woman who is in a jungle prison and is forced to mine for emeralds by the greedy guards.  This film, although it does have some hardcore scenes, is not really typical of porn films, in fact it is much more a jungle adventure film than a porn film.  It seems that the country is run by greedy corrupt politicians, and that there are revolutionaries who want to change that.  Some new girls are being taken to the prison deep in the jungle and along the way the guards are ambushed and the revolutionaries take their place in order to infiltrate the prison.  The girls finally get to the prison and agree to help the revolutionaries fight back against the guards.  Ajita Wilson is a mystic who can predict the future, and she keeps telling the other women in the prison that the day of freedom is near at hand.  Along the way of course the girls have to take a shower, that’s pretty much standard for a women in prison film.  The movie ends with a  big shoot out, but I won’t spoil everything for you, because this is a pretty decent film that is worth watching, although it will probably not please those seeking strictly a porn film, but if you’re in the mood for a good women in prison film, with some hardcore thrown into the film in a few places you will probably enjoy this one.  This film is similar in many ways to the women in prison films that Jess Franco was making during the same time period of roughly 1980.  The director was given on the credits as Tony Moore, but clearly that’s a pseudonym, the real director according to internet sources is Edoardo Mulargia.  Fans of Ajita Wilson’s will want this film for sure.  Sadly Ajita Wilson died at the young age of either 36 or 37.  What she died of is somewhat debated, some say she died in a car crash, others such as Jess Franco, who directed her in some films, says he heard she really died of AIDS, either way she died way too young, but luckily for her fans she left behind quite a few films, of which most are sadly out of print at the current time, but maybe some enterprising company will try to rectify this and put out her hardcore sex films on DVD in the future.