Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Yes (1977)

I was watching this movie called Dr. Yes. I was for some reason expecting this to be a James Bond rip off, because of the title, but it wasn’t. Instead this movie is about a guy who has a blocked vein in his penis. He wants to please his wife, but he can’t, so he goes out to find a guy who can please her for him. He ends up where else, but the sperm bank! He hires this guy to come have sex with his wife the next day. The guy shows up and a pretty hot sex scene ensues. During their sexual escapades, the husband gets a phone call from the doctor saying the vein transplant is ready, and he must get there immediately. He leaves his wife a note, and takes off for the hospital. The surgery is precarious, but he pulls through, and only time will tell if the operation has been a success. His wife shows up, but the doctor sends her home. She has a threesome with two other women during this time period. The doctor takes the bandages off the husband’s penis, and everything seems normal, but she must test it to make sure it “functions” correctly. Well guess what it does! He then heads home to his wife, to finally pleasure her. When he opens the door there are four women with their butts up in the air and a candle in their behind, and they sing him a song! And everything ends happily ever after. Don’t you wish your wife and her friends were this nice?


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