Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dawna The Dead (2008)

I watched this interesting horror/porn hybrid film a few days ago, and thought it was a pretty successful attempt at a horror oriented porn movie. The movie begins with two young women heading to a graveyard at night. It seems Dawna likes to go and masturbate on the grave of her dead boyfriend. Her friend is just going along for moral support, I guess. Well when they get there they end up using a Ouija board, and find out the Devil is present. This is where things get weird. Dawna goes and masturbates on her boyfriends grave, and her sexual secretions drip on the grave and bring the dead back to life! The makers of this movie did a good job with costumes and makeup and it’s pretty creepy seeing the dead climb out of their graves. Now the dead rape the two women. Of course they don’t seem particularly distressed, well maybe at first, but pretty soon they seem to be somewhat into it. There is this guy who is supposed to meet the girls at the graveyard, well he ends up there, but instead of meeting the girls, he has sex with two undead girls. I won’t spoil all the surprises, but thing are pretty wild in this movie. Lots of gory sex, with penises bitten off, intestines eaten, zombies ejaculating blood, along with semen. If you like horror oriented porn, I highly recommend this one, otherwise this movie will probably be a turn off to most porn viewers who don’t like blood and guts along with their sex. The women are all nice looking, even the zombie ones, but you must remember this isn’t a conventional porn film, and I don’t think its target audience might be horror fans rather than porn fans.